Board of Directors

The EFJ’s Board of Directors comprises eleven (11) members and in keeping with the Enterprise of the Americas Initiative (EAI) Agreement the majority of members are from the NGO community. Boasting persons with distinguished careers in many areas including Academia, Engineering, Law, Accounting, the current members are:

Dale Webber
Prof. Dale Webber
Term Member 
Mrs Eleanor Jones
Vice Chair & Chair of Grant Management Committee
Term Member
Mr. Ian Watson
Term Member
Mrs. Jennifer Scott
Honourary Secretray & Chair of
Human Resources & Compliance Committee 
Term Member
Mrs. Winsome Wilkins
Child Director & Chair of Membership Committee
Term Member
Dr. Michael Witter
Chair of Strategic Planning Committee
Term Member
Dr. David Smith 
Chair Fundraising Committee
Term Member
Mrs. Donna Blake
The Nature Conservancy
Permanent Member
Ms. Marilyn Headley
Government of Jamaica Representative
Permanent Member
Mrs. Emma Lewis
Government of Jamaica
Institutional Director
Ms. Denise Herbol
Government of United States
Permanent Member