Membership Guidelines


The Membership Guidelines of the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica (EFJ) have been developed in keeping with the EFJ's Articles of Association to which every member must be a signatory.  The Guidelines facilitate a process for the recruitment of members and the continuous review of member benefits.  The EFJ Board of Directors, through its Membership Committee, has responsibility for ensuring the activities of Membership are in keeping with the EFJ's Memorandum and Articles of Association, the Membership Guidelines and the organisation's Strategic Plan.   

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Purpose and Scope

Amendment of Membership Guidelines

Membership -  1. Eligibility General

                        2. Criteria

                        3. Application

                        4. Selection of Members

                        5. Role of Members

                        6. Benefits to Membership


Purpose and Scope

The Membership Guidelines provide the framework for membership in the EFJ. It facilitates the enlistment of members and guides their participation towards the fulfillment of the EFJ's mandate.

The Membership Guidelines elaborate EFJ's policy regarding membership in the Foundation and articulates the following:

1.    Eligibility Criteria
2.    Application Process
3.    Selection of Members
4.    Role of Members
5.    Benefits of Membership
6.    Duration of Membership
7.    Termination of Membership

Members of the EFJ will be required, like non-members, to adhere to and be subject to all EFJ's grant-making policies and procedures with regard to application for and receipt of grant funding.  The grant-making criteria do not include membership and being a member of the EFJ does not favour or ensure receipt of grant funding.

Amendment of Membership Guidelines

Membership Guidelines will be amended in accordance with the following:
*    Matter for amendment is in keeping with EFJ Governing agreements and Strategic direction.
*    Amendments approved by the Membership Committee and Board of Directors.



1.  Eligibility General         

Membership of the EFJ is open to non-governmental organisations (NGOs), community based organisations (CBOs) and special interest groups that:

1.1    are resident in Jamaica;

1.2    are not-for-profit;

1.3    are registered as a legal entity;

1.4    are engaged in a programme of activity that supports the objectives and mandate of EFJ;

1.5    produce financial statements and annual reports; and

1.6    have regular rotation of the Board of Directors

All members shall have the right to participate in the activities of the EFJ.

2.  Criteria

Membership is open to non-governmental organisations meeting the following provisions:

2.1    Acceptance of the obligations contained in the Articles and Memorandum of Association of the Company;

2.2    Operation of a not-for-profit organization, with no part of the net income benefiting any private stockholder or individual;

2.3   Independent of government or government representative(s) control;

2.4   Constituted as environmental and/or developmental non-governmental organization;

2.5    Demonstration of a credible record of activity in promoting sustainable development including preserving or protecting the environment and/or in promoting or improving child survival and child development.

The criteria for NGO membership shall be continuing requirements.

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 3.  Application 

All applications for membership shall be in writing, on forms provided for that purpose by the EFJ and shall be signed by the Chair of the Board of Directors of the Organisation and one other Senior officer in the organisation.


4.  Selection of Members

The Membership Committee should receive and review applications; conduct any interviews which may be necessary and recommend prospective members to the Board of Directors for approval at any meeting thereof.
All recommendations by the Membership Committee regarding membership application shall be subject to review and acceptance by the Board of Directors.

5.  Role of Members

All members of the EFJ have a duty to advance the objectives of the EFJ and shall not engage in any actions or omissions that may negatively impact on such objectives.

All members are expected to actively support the work of the Foundation to the extent possible by:
5.1    Attending and participating in regular and special meetings of the EFJ.
5.2    Familiarising themselves with materials and issues pertaining to the EFJ and the subjects of its activities.
5.3    Facilitating and attending EFJ activities, special events and other activities pertaining to objectives of the Foundation as required.
5.4    Representing and supporting the interests and activities of their respective sectors.
5.5    Serving, when needed, as a liaison or officer for the EFJ and as requested by the Board's consensus process. 
5.6    Nominating individuals to the Board of Directors at Annual General Meetings. 

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6. Benefits to Membership

All members shall benefit through:
6.1    Special concessions for participation in capacity-building training and governance programmes such as Project Management, NGO Management, Fundraising, Advocacy Support and Financial Management.
6.2    The ability to influence the direction of the EFJ through Board nominations, consultations with the Board and Secretariat and collaboration with other Members.
6.3    Every member, in good standing, having one vote.  Votes may be given either personally or by proxy.  In order to ensure that members are in good standing with the Foundation, and can exercise their right to vote at the AGM, copies of the Annual Report, Financial Statements (preferably audited), Minutes of the last AGM, and any other relevant publications and or reports on programme activities must be submitted.  These documents should be current and/or at minimum reflective of a period not exceeding 15 months in the case of AGM minutes five years for the Annual Report and other documentation.
6.4    Participation in EFJ Pension and Health Schemes
6.5    Access to the Membership web page through posting of project updates/ideas on the Membership Message Board.
6.6    Other appropriate activities as determined by the Membership Committee and EFJ Board.

All members of the Foundation shall have the same rights and shall rank equally.

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