Criteria for Proposals

The criteria for Proposals are as follow:

  • Themes identifiable in areas of funding (i.e. PL480, Aid Debt & TFCA funds)
  • Clear statement of problems and how they will be addressed
  • Ability to replicate the results in other areas
  • Proven ability to undertake the activities

Organizations wishing to apply are responsible for ensuring the following:

  • SMART Objectives (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results Oriented, Time Bound)
  • Project alignment with National Priorities and addressing systemic issues
  • Methodology clearly proven and or likely to work that identifies critical resources required (Personnel, Relevant Technical expertise, etc.)
  • Project and Organisational sustainability
  • Collaboration and Partnerships
  • Community involvement
  • Appropriate and Justified Budget
  • Track record of Organisation

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