EFJ 5th Annual Public Lecture

The Environmental Foundation of Jamaica hosted the 5th Annual Public Lecture on October 22nd, 2009. The Lecture  given by Dr. Elizabeth Thomas-Hope entitled the The Trash Time Bomb: Tackling Jamaica's Solid Waste Challenges was well received by the more than 230 individuals in attendance from NGOs, CBOs, government agency representatives, private sector companies, schools, academic institutions.

The event also featured displays from eight organisations involved in solid waste management and recycling initiatives as well as public awareness and education. These included Garbage Disposal and Sanitation Systems, Eco-Pots, National Environment and Planning Agency, ECCO Magazine as well as a few  EFJ Grantees - Negril Chamber of Commerce/Negril Recycling Centre, Fairy Hill Citizens Association, Protect the Environment Trust, Environmental Management Unit, UWI.

Special recognition and Earth Friendly Awards were given to those organisations recognized by EFJ as social leaders for their contribution to protecting the Environment of Jamaica “in the interest of Sustainable Development” with particular focus on the 3Rs (reducing, reusing and recycling) all around Jamaica.

Please see links below with a feature on the Lecture and Awardees in the Environment Watch, Jamaica Observer.