Manage Funds

The Environmental Foundation is equipped to manage funding of specific environmental sustainability or child development projects in Jamaica. We can ensure local compliance while helping our partners give back to their favourite cause or meet your targets in the area of social responsibility.

We have served as local funds manager to international foundations providing not only funds management but project management and oversight responsibility to a range of projects.

Since 2001, we have served as fund manager for the Bernard Van Leer Foundation.

The Bernard Van Leer Foundation, an international philanthropic institution, approached the EFJ in February 2001 to act as grant holder responsible for their Kingston-based Child Support Project.

The project will:

  • Improve the quality of support to children and their caretakers in day care centres and community basic schools;
  • Provide a capacity building and training programme for parents, teachers, principals and community leaders;
  • Strengthen community capacity in child monitoring activities; and
  • Raise awareness among parents and children on issues of basic human health and personal care.

A Project Manager was hired to act as the principal liaison between EFJ and the implementing agencies. The EFJ will earn a management fee for providing oversight to the project.

The project, implemented by VOUCH, Hope for Children Development Company and Blue Cross Environmental Health Foundation has successfully completed its first year of operations.

Co-Funding Initiatives

We have established co-funding partnerships with other local donors which have facilitated leveraging of additional resources to project activities being implemented by applicant organisations to either donor.

Our co-funding partners include: