Quarterly Membership Feature(s)


The Environmental Foundation of Jamaica (EFJ), as part of its commitment to showcase and support the work of its member organisations will feature two of its members every quarter. Members to be featured this quarter are:
  1. The Association of Clubs (AOC)
  2. The Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust (JCDT)

The Association of Clubs (AOC)
Description of Organisation
The Association of Clubs (AOC) was formed 19 years ago in 1988 when eight community groups galvanised themselves around facilitating community empowerment through various projects, programmes and activities. Community based initiatives have included Village Tourism for Education, Volunteerism and Development, Education and Training, Environmental Sensitization, Culture and Sports ventures, Mentorship Programmes, the Frank Morgan Loan Programme, Disaster Preparedness strategies and Video Animation and Advocacy. The groups that comprise the Association of Clubs are Galloway Citizens Association, Cornwall Mountain Citizens Association, JAS branch, Llandilo Youth Club, Crowder Cultural Group, Logwood Citizens' Association, Pride of the West Community Club, and the Petersfield Sports and Community Club. The offices of the AOC have become a central and active hub for Petersfield and its environs in Westmoreland for the young, old and in between. Be it the activities being undertaken at the community centre or resources to be offered by key AOC personnel, AOC is always being sought out by community members.

Norma Fenton (left), president of the Association of Clubs in Westmoreland, receives the Michael Manley Award from Glynne Manley, widow of the late former Prime Minister Michael Manley, during the Michael Manley Foundation's eighth annual awards cermony for Community Self-Reliance, held at the Little Theatre on August 1, 2007.





AOC is one of EFJ's founding members. EFJ is cognisant of various constraints in the volunteer sector and salutes the efforts of its members in making impact in their communities. AOC has forged strategic partnerships with local and foreign-based entities in bringing resources to the community resulting in significant impacts. AOC is always seeking out opportunities for community upliftment and empowerment and often develop Projects and Programmes aimed at mitigating and preventing various negative impacts in the community. EFJ has provided funding to AOC for summer camps, training programmes and more recently a youth mentorship programme.

AOC has become known for its summer camps, cultural exchange related programmes that bring human and other resources to the community and provides opportunities for community youth to visit other countries, videography training and simply for its presence in the community as a "go to" organisation. These and other activities have contributed to AOC being the 2007 recipient of the Michael Manley award for Community Self-reliance, an award, which recognises initiatives put on by communities in the advancement of the members of their communities and their surroundings. Congratulations AOC, we salute you and your work!

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The Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust (JCDT)

The Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust (JCDT) is a non-government organization and registered charity established in 1987. JCDT's mission is to promote environmental conservation and sustainable     development with particular emphasis on the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park, for the benefit of Jamaica and its people. JCDT manages the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park (BJCMNP) under a delegation agreement with the Natural Resources Conservation Authority and the organization seeks to work closely with community-based organizations around the Park. The Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park is known for its rich plant and animal diversity as manifest by being a location with a wide variety of endemic plant and animals, its watershed value, recreational value among others. To this end, JCDT is to be commended for its efforts, strategies and programmes aimed at managing such a vast area which holds tremendous significance at National and other levels.



Catherine's Peak area protected from conversion to agriculture and deforestation, and replanted with native forest tree seedlings.





JCDT is one of EFJ's founding members. JCDT's ongoing work in the National Park, schools and adjoining communities have brought significant results as seen in number of hectares reforested, seedlings nursed and distributed, increased visitor arrivals, schools impacted by educational programmes, increased enforcement and monitoring, ongoing mapping of the park, fund raising to facilitate proper park management and administration among other initiatives. We are cognisant that challenges are many but JCDT continues to make an impact in a very significant location. JCDT has been known for taking on bold initiatives over the years for which much commendation is due. These have included managing the entire Park and Holywell in particular as a key educational, recreational and eco-tourism site, hosting of Green Expo and more recently the Misty Bliss event at Holywell. These strides are significant and EFJ has been privileged and proud to support the JCDT in many of these efforts. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed and we commend the JCDT team.

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